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Freestyle Ice Rules

  1. All skaters must check in and pay, if necessary, before going on the ice.
  2. All skaters who wish to have their music played will make a request with the monitor to be added to the list at the beginning of a session.
  3. The ice monitor will be playing music five minutes into the session.
  4. The ice monitor will keep a list of skaters to maintain order while doing programs.
  5. The skater whose music is being played will wear the orange vest so that he/she can be identified. Music will not be played for a skater not wearing a vest.
  6. There are multiple vests; the “on-deck” skater should put on a vest when previous skater is skating.
  7. After a skater’s music is played, their name will be placed at the end of the list.
  8. An instructor may ask that the music of a skater who is having a lesson be moved up in line. The music will be played next, after the current music is played or finished. After playing, the skater’s name will be placed at the end of the list.
  9. The following behaviors are not acceptable on the ice:
    • Kicking the ice or boards
    • Swearing
    • Intentionally moving into the path of a skater
    • Refusing to yield right of way to the skater in the orange vest
    • Laying on the ice
    • Loud or distracting noises (including yelling and clapping)
    • Chatting on the ice for prolonged periods
  10. Skaters must obey the monitor in charge. The ice monitors and/or professionals have the authority to remove a skater from the ice.
  11. Group programs will not be allowed during freestyle ice, except during designated sessions. A group consists of 2 or more skaters.
  12. Skaters traveling in packs (more than two skaters) are to be avoided at all times.
  13. Continuous use of the same area of ice should be avoided especially in Lutz corners.
  14. Skaters are to keep moving while on the ice. If you need to talk, retie your skates, etc., you must leave the ice.
  15. Skaters should not sit or stand around the boards.
  16. Videotaping anyone other than your own skater is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Anyone engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave the arena for an indefinite period of time.
  17. Skaters should keep his/her head up and be aware of surroundings at all times.
  18. Skaters may not wear headphones or earbuds while on the ice.
  19. Skaters or parents should not interrupt another skater’s lesson.
  20. Good attitude must be brought to every session. No rudeness, tempers, or disrespect will be tolerated. No foul or abusive language kicking the ice or dragging a toe pick will be tolerated. This kind of behavior is cause for removal from the ice. No fooling around.